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. job figures are out in the u.s. today at the battle for the white house goes to ohio and wisconsin. dozens of young men have been shocked by the military in northeastern nigeria. welcome to bbc world news. also, the world bank says burma and will get its first development plan. and, tackling the energy question. human rights groups have condemned a video posted on the internet which appears to show syrian rebels of executing captured government soldiers. amnesty international says if confirmed, it constitutes a war crime. we are asking whether this is something new. >> it has happened before. but now it is becoming more and more obvious that the rebels are committing killings like the regime, and at the same level, both of them. it is just days before a big conference in doha where the opposition is asked to unified under one group, in order to bid but to lead the rebels on the ground, because there's a big discrepancy between the political leadership and the rebels on the ground who are fighting, in their aspirations, in the way they are conducting their rebellion. >> are they out
general and their women woes. a scandal among the u.s. top brass claims a second scamp amid growing concerns of a security breach. first, the c.i.a. boss general petraeus quits over an affair. now, john allen, email ex changes connected to the scandal. >> also in the program, we report from golden heights where tension is rising after israel and syria exchange fire across their border. in china, it's all change at the top. we have a special report on how the next generation is determined to tread its own path. >> i would like to be a software engineer. >> so you don't want to do the sort of things that your parents did? >> never. >> hello, it's midday here in london, 7:00 in the morning in washington. there's been a new twist to the sex scandal engulfing the american military top brass there. on friday, general david petraeus resigned as boss of the c.i.a. after it was revealed that he had been having an extra marital affair. now general john alan has been drawn into the scandal after what is being called inappropriate communications with a woman also linked to the affair. he has de
votes once the results come through. if we look at the u.s. congress, meanwhile, republicans maintained control of the lower house, democrats have kept their majority in the upper house. this is how those electoral votes stack up, state-by-state. mitt romney, 206 electoral votes, president obama, 303. compared to the last election, president obama 1365 electoral votes, john mccain won on hundred 73. back then, we should say that he won n.c. and indiana, but those states went to mitt romney this time around. let's get the full story of the night from our washington correspondent. >> the first family, stepping out to a second term. to the strains of signed, sealed, committed. looking forward to the inspiration from the voters. >> you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have to pick ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. [applause] >> by then it was nearly 2:00 in the morning, the culmination of an exhilarating night. >> this is
will be the next president. hello and welcome. also coming up in the program, following hard on the heels of the u.s. results, a change in the top in china. what will this mean for the rest of the world? and terrible facts of life for one 15-year-old pakistani girl killed acid by her parents for looking at a boy. hello, it is midday here in london, 6:00 in the morning in madison, wisconsin where president obama is schedule told appear at the start of this, the final day of campaigning, in what's been a grueling and hugely expensive 18 month battle with mitt romney a third of americans have already cast their votes lerl i. both men now have less than 24 hours to convince the undecided in a handful of swing states to come on boards. with the polls pointing to a dead heat, still everything to play for. let's get the latest from my colleague jane hill who joins us live from washington. jane, over to you. >> hello and welcome. the u.s. presidential election campaign has entered its final day with the candidates fighting for every vote in those marginal states which will decide who will spend the next fou
the question if that's actually going to happen >> anyway, thank you very much. voting continues across the u.s.a. still early here in washington. much more to come here. overlooking the white house, who will be living there come the next couple of days? back to you in london. >> thank you very much. there will be a special u.s. election hosted by david here on "bbc world news." that's at 23:35 this gmt tuesday and extensive reactions from across the let's go back to them now the vice president of the united states voting in this, his state. he has been living there since 1993. the united states -- k see there. with his wife. jill. and also his son is there as well. one of his four sons. joseph. joseph is there as well. he's been doing a lot of campaigning for his father. and joe biden casting his vote on this election day. of course many people have already cast their votes by post or in person. they will be going to the polls today. just shaking hands with a foo officials there just before he gets up to the voting booth himself. >> much more. the american elections are today but still to com
revelations has offered to plead guilty to lesser offenses, those with which he is charged. u.s. army private bradley manning faces a life sentence if found guilty in his maryland court-martial of aiding the enemy, one of 22 charges he currently faces. mans agency lawyer made the offer at a pretrial hearing, and it's the first sign he will admit to leaking secret afghanistan and iraq war reports and diplomatic cables. rescue workers are continuing to search for survivors of a powerful earthquake in guatemala. more than 50 people were killed in the strongest quake to hit the country in more than three decades. the 7.4-magnitude quake caused devastating land slides that can be felt up to 1,000 kilometers away. prince charles and his wife, camilla, the butch he is of cornwall, have toured parts of sydney, taking in a quick ride across the harbor, before meeting members of the australian defense borders. the royal couple are on a six-day tour of australia to mark the diamond jubilee. the biggest syrian opposition bloc, the syrian national council, is under pressure to join up with other rebel gro
there and cold weather for the west of the u.s.. but at least for the areas hit by hurricane sandy and looks much quiet -- quieter. >> an early start the winter is coming. >> absolutely, yes. >> thank you very much, indeed, for bringing us up to date on that. the piano played by mozart almost every day in the decade before he died has temporarily return to his former home for the first time in 200 years. ♪ still gives a good tune. the russian pianist had the honor of playing the instrument in front of a small audience in the house in downtown vienna. the piano was bought by mozart after moving to be an act in 1781 and was used by him for concerts' as well as for practice. a reminder of our main story -- the 18th, this party congress is under way in china, marking the start of the country's once a decade leadership change. thanks for being with us. plenty more still to come. >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union
, covered in blood. outrage strained relations between the afghan and u.s. authorities. prosecutors at the preliminary hearing say that the sergeant should face the death penalty if he is found guilty. his attorney argues that there is insufficient evidence to hold a court martial and his family says that there are still questions that need answering. >> we are grieving deeply for the afghani families who lost their loved ones. but we must not rush to judgment. in america, due process means that innocence is presumed unless and until the trial proves otherwise. there has been no trial yet and our family member is considered to be innocent by lot, and by us. >> questions like whether or not a second gunman was involved and whether the sergeant is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. a general is expected to make a decision by next week. >> you are watching "bbc world news." here are the headlines. china has begun the process of handing over to a new generation of leaders the close of the communist party congress in beijing. millions of people are joining in protests across e
into a parade floats in texas. it was carrying u.s. veterans and was on its way to an event honoring wounded service members. it happened at a real across the in the city of middle and. our correspondence has the latest. >> this was a parade float. it was basically a group of people sitting on the back of a flatbed truck that was crossing over the will track when it was hit by a train. this was part of an event to honor war veterans. those who were sitting on the back of the truck or soldiers injured in battle and their spouses, on their way to a big meal being held for them in west texas and a big weekend of hunting had been laid out for them. the investigation has already begun. the union pacific spokesman said from what they could gather, the gates to the railroad crossing were working as were the lights and the train sounded its horn as it approached the crossing. but the train struck the back of one of these trucks and the people on board scattered to try to get out of the way. it appears there were a large number of people killed and injured. some of them were taken to a hospital and a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9